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Many expectant parents are struggling to navigate pregnancy expectations and childbirth planning for several reasons, such as:


Not enough time during prenatal visits to ask all of your questions or Unsure of how to communicate your pregnancy and birth desires with your provider


Had a previous birth outcome that was unfavorable

Relying on inaccurate information from the internet and blogs


Decreased confidence in your innate ability to birth

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Feeling as though there is a lack of both family and community support during your pregnancy

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Feeling a bit stressed or uncertain about pregnancy, birth, and/or breastfeeding

Our Mission

By providing evidence-based, culturally competent, and respectful maternity education to all childbearing persons, we aspire to inspire self-assurance during the childbearing process that will foster client-centered birthing outcomes

How we can help

Becoming pregnant opens your life to a multitude of changes. Your body is changing, your mental state is evolving, and you are gearing for a new transition no matter if this is your first or fourth pregnancy. What you shouldn’t have to do is stress and worry about if the decisions you are making are the “right” ones.

Navigating the challenges means being prepared to dive deep into yourself to gain clarity of your innate ability to be pregnant and to birth.


But you don’t have to do it alone—we’ll work with you and your family and provide the tools needed to ensure your desired birth outcome.

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What to expect from

We have incorporated the Holistic Model of Care as the foundation of our educational curriculum, aspiring to provide a healthy psychological, emotional, and spiritual environment that is conducive to learning.


Our greatest desires is for our clients to have the pregnancy, delivery, and childrearing processes that are of their greatest desires. We hope that you allow us be of service to you, so that you can become In Bhava too.

Our Blog

Information provided on this site is for educational purposes ONLY. Please consult a healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, a diagnosis, or treatment. These services do not substitute for professional medical advice.

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