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About Us

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Our Prenatal Classes

Preconception/Early Pregnancy

This class serves best those who are either planning for pregnancy or within their 1st trimester. Topics include, but are not limited to, nutrition, exercise, selecting a provider, and prenatal expectations.

Lamaze Series

This 6 week series is based on the Six Healthy Birth Practices developed by Lamaze International. This class meets weekly and includes all of the content from the above classes and more.

Labor Prep

For all childbearing persons who desire a vaginal delivery, this class is a must. We will discuss all things labor, from early labor signs, labor physiology, delivery day expectations, coping strategies, rights of childbirth, how to avoid a cesarean section, and more.

Breastfeeding 101

Attend this class to learn what facilitates healthy maternal-infant bonding that then increases breastfeeding capabilities. Learn positioning, infant hunger cues, signs of adequate intake, and how to keep up your supply.

Physiologic Labor Prep

This class is most appropriate for mid-3rd trimester childbearing persons who desire a physiological (natural) birth. This class focuses on labor coping strategies such as breathing, labor positions, and movement. Prepare to practice your learned skills in an exclusive mock labor.

Comfort Measures

This class is most beneficial for those within the mid-3rd trimester. Learn different techniques such as breathing, massage, meditation, and movement to help facilitate both a faster and more comfortable labor. Make sure you bring your support person because this class will get them fully engaged.

About Us

BHAVA (baa·vuh)


Meaning: 1.) Mindful intent

Bhava can be a “sixth sense” so to speak -- as an individual begins to listen to bhava, it can provide guidance and insight into what is important and beneficial to the true Self.

In Bhava, was founded in March of 2022, with the purpose of providing evidence-based, culturally competent, and respectful maternity education to all childbearing persons. At In Bhava, we know that providers, family, friends, and media can be both positive and negative, influences during our childbearing process. Our aim is to assure women, not by telling them what they “should” do, but by enabling them to make informed choices for themselves. We aspire to cultivate an educational experience that embraces each individuals personal desires, with positive birthing outcomes at the forefront.

Each class hosted by In Bhava has been strategically crafted to be an educational experience that joins the elements of mindfulness with body awareness. We have incorporated the Holistic Model of Care as the foundation of our educational curriculum, aspiring to provide a healthy psychological, emotional, and spiritual environment that is conducive to learning.

Our greatest desires is for our clients to have the pregnancy, delivery, and childrearing processes that are of their greatest desires. We hope that you allow us be of service to you, so that you can become In Bhava too.

Our Mission

By providing evidence-based, culturally competent, and respectful maternity education to all childbearing persons, we aspire to inspire self-assurance during the childbearing process that will foster client-centered birthing outcomes

Young Couple Expecting


Lamaze classes focus on natural, holistic methods for managing labor pain and promoting optimal labor and birth outcomes. We want to provide you with support throughout your pregnancy and labor needs. That is why our instructors will be there for each class with helpful tips on how to use your body and mind to cope during labor!

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