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The Benefits of Lamaze Classes | Pregnancy, Baby, and Mom

Updated: May 15, 2022

Lamaze classes focus on natural, holistic methods for managing labor pain and promoting optimal labor and birth outcomes. We want to provide you with support throughout your pregnancy and labor needs. That is why our instructors will be there for each class with helpful tips on how to use your body and mind to cope during labor!

What does a Lamaze class look like?

Be prepared for a very interactive, hands on experience! Our Lamaze classes are offered as a 6 week series with a class size of up to 10 couples. This is not your sit down and learn to breath class. Get ready to move your body! It is our desire for you to leave our class with having a better understanding of what to expect during labor – from hands-on experience!

Expect to learn not only positions that will make you more comfortable while in labor, but also positions that aid with facilitating a faster delivery. We will learn how to correctly use different labor equipment and also learn how to use everyday items to assist labor. In addition to teaching breathing and relaxation techniques, we will also cover early intervening tools that aid to client-centered birthing outcomes, labor positioning, pain management, how to utilize labor supports, and postpartum and newborn expectations.

We are excited to offer you Lamaze classes to help you throughout your pregnancy and labor needs. We would love to have you join us!

Benefits of Lamaze Classes

Lamaze classes will equip you with evidence-based tools that can be utilized during your pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. We aspire, to inspire self-assurance during the childbearing process that will foster client-centered birthing outcomes.

Taking a Lamaze class offers a variety of benefits for both child bearing persons and their partners. Typically, when most people think of Lamaze classes, they think of them to only prepare for childbirth. What many people don't know is that these classes provide the foundation to make informed decisions about things that may impact their life, past the delivery.

By taking a Lamaze class you will gain:

  • Pregnancy support and resources.

  • Tools and information you need to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and labor.

  • The ability to understand your options and make informed decisions.

  • Confidence you need to face challenges.

  • Access to instructors who are experts at providing evidence-based information.

  • A sense of relief from being prepared for what to expect on delivery day.

  • Coping skills to prepare for the challenges of labor and delivery.

  • The ability to make informed decisions about your care and your baby’s care

We hope that you allow us be of service to you, so that you can become In Bhava too.

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